Dual digital display dc volmeter & amp meter

I was wondering if I may get some assistance,
I am building silicon chip magazine wideband fuel mixture display featured in April/ May /June 2023.

The magazine has said to use your dual use multimeter, it asks me to remove the onboard current shunt.

For the life of me I cannot find the current shunt
I believe that I may have a later revision of the multimeter and that the onboard current shunt may of been deleted or upgraded.


Hi Alexander
I have not read through the Silicon Chip article but if you have the voltmeter/ampmeter you have linked I think they mean to do this.

  • If used as a voltmeter alone it is recommended that the yellow line and the black line were connected together to prevent the ammeter digital flashing

If you have one of the higher current units which have an external shunt do the same thing and discard the shunt. You won’t mistake the shunt as it is a very low resistance and usually quite large.

Looking at how you describe this it looks as if Silicon Chip are only using the voltage part of the display if they say to remove the current shunt.

By the way I copied that extract from the description on the Core Web page.
Cheers Bob

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Hello robert

Thank you very much i believe i have a higher current
Version which would use the external shunt.

Silicon chip are using both the amp and voltage display, there is a 1 ohm resitor on the main circuit which takes the shunts place. And the black wire stays disconnected

I was so sure that there was no on board shunt,
But being very new at circuitry, i was treading lightly.

Thank you again for your time and information