Dual Digital Display DC Voltmeter & Ammeter 0-100V 0-100A (CE05132)

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An all in one solution for monitoring voltage and current.

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Hi. I was hoping to use this to monitor a salt cell on a pool chlorinator but that occasionally reverses polarity to clean the cell. Do you know if this meter will simply not display if the polarity is reversed or could it be damaged? I would power the meter from a separate supply.

Hi Andrew,

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that this ammeter is able to handle a reversed polarity. I don’t believe that it will damage it, as the majority of the current would be passing over the shunt which shouldn’t be an issue to reverse. However, it wouldn’t be an appropriate part for that situation. If you’re only monitoring the salt cell for a short time, then you should be able to use an appropriately rated multimeter for that application. If you’ve got any further questions please let us know, enjoy your day!

Thanks for the info. I’ve used a multimeter for one-off measurements, was hoping for something I could leave hooked up. Not to worry.

Hey Andrew,

Do you know how many amps will be running through the wires?
I would check out these two boards to see if they would work for you application:


Hi. I’d like to use this unit to monitor the output of a 12V 12.5A power supply which I’m using to power and control a room full of LED lighting. The voltage should remain constant but I’d like to monitor the current over the full 12.5A range. The meter would have to draw its power from the same supply as the load, effectively connecting the two red wires together at +12V. Is this doable with this meter? I’ve added a modified version of the Wiring Option One picture to illustrate what I’m talking about.

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Hi Bert
Don’t see why not as long as the voltage does not exceed 30V.
As a point of interest some of these meters of this type self power. I have one which has 2 wires to connect to power source and 2 wires that connect to load. There is also provision to power the meter itself externally but only required when the source is below about 5 or 6V (forget the exact figure off the top of my head).
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