Dynamo standlight


I’m in the process of building a cargo bike, which includes a front dynamo hub…I’m getting off the shelf front and rear lights to run off it but also wanted to run side marker lights, the same as the little orange LED lights trucks use along their side.

Anyway all the side marker lights I could find were automotive so 12 volt however my dynamo only puts out 6 volts…so I bought one of these step up converters:

I have not had chance to test it yet as the wheels are still getting built however I have been thinking it would be good to keep some charge to run the side lights for a short while when stopped at traffic lights (the off the shelf front and rear lights have the already built in.)

I have been trying to google the answer but not found anything, is it as simple as wiring a capacitor into the circuit?

…I’m presuming its not that simple but thought I would ask.

Any help super appreciated!

Hey Oliver, Welcome back!

If you’re looking for a capacitor based solution, you’re likely after a few supercaps in series to reach the voltage you’re after. Here’s one we sell:

Here’s a great guide on a rule-of-thumb for working out how long you can power something from a supercap:

Have a read and see if that’s something you’d be interested in pursuing!