ECC RAM Server or not?

Good day, all
Recently, I have a assumption after I read a note ECC Server RAM or Not?, Intel’s lack of ecc memory support on the core line was a conscious effort to differentiate their Xeon line from “consumer” chips, as much or more so than simply a cost consideration.
With Intel out of the picture, would Apple make a point to move to ecc memory on Apple Silicon Macs?

The added assurance of stability can be a selling point for Pro workflows, and it’s hard to argue that it wouldn’t benefit The Rest Of Us at the same time. Added cost has never held Apple back before… but what about the extra space required?

Cost benefit analysis says no. Implementing ECC is extra work in design and manufacturing. It’s only beneficial where reliability is critical. Home use is not critical, and the average user wouldn’t be willing (nor have any need) to fork out for it.