Electromagnet setup

Hi gang,
I am wanting to use the Adafruit electromagnet to pass over a thin layer of sand to remove any metallic impurities.
I am not an electric DIY guy, so I would appreciate some help and advice.
What do I need, other thanks the electromagnet, to get it operating? And Best battery to use?

Hi Callum,

Could you please share the exact part that you are asking about?

No worries Stephen
I am planning on using the 5V electromagnet -25kg holding force-P20/40 made by Adafruit
SKU- ADA3875

You should be able to turn it on by just connecting to a 5v power supply.

This will prevent the need for soldering:

Ok. Awesome. And a battery would be ok if I wasn’t near a power point and adapter?

A battery would work fine, you just need it to be 5V (less MIGHT work, more would damage the electromagnet)

Beautiful. Thank you buddy

Just curious, would a normal high-strength magnet not do the job?

You could perhaps wrap the magnet in gladwrap, or use paper/etc to remove anything it picks up, fairly easily.

Thanks Graham. Metallic pieces tend to run off the traditional magnet as I pass it over.
Yeah a barrier of paper/plastic removes having to clean the magnet.