Powering a 12v solenoid with a 12v dc powersupply

Does anyone know how I can power the Adafriut 12v push/pull solenoid (SKU: ADA412) using a typical $15 Ac 240v To Dc 12v transformer?

The attached data sheet shows a circuit and I am not sure what each of the components are or if core-electronics sells them.

412_Web.pdf (1.5 MB)

Hi Jenn,

Do you have any more information about how you want to use it? The application changes how you’ll be best to hook it up. There’s a few good examples in that PDF, and we’ve got a good tutorial on controlling small solenoids with Arduinos here: https://core-electronics.com.au/tutorials/arduino/solenoid-control-with-arduino.html

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I am attaching it to a lever. I don’t want to control or power it using an arduino or micro. I’d like to know what I need to buy from Core Electronics that will let me power the 12v solenoid from a 12v dc transformer.

Could you please suggest a parts list?
Or would cutting the wires on the transformer do the trick?

Hey Jenn,

So to confirm, you’re looking for a switch between the 12V supply of the transformer, and the solenoid we supply that you linked above?

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I’m looking for a way to connect my transformer that has a cylindrical plug into a connector that can then run to a switch (And the other parts of a circuit I’d need to stop the switch melting, back propagating current etc) and then to the solenoid. Is this possible?

This could be used to connect the transformer. (dont think Core have one like this)
EDIT: Well I was wrong, see info from post from Oliver below. (Link deleted)

This toggle switch would more than handle the solenoid current.


EDIT: Connection Diagram. I think this is what you are asking, apologies if I am wrong.
The 2.1 socket has a + and - on the top, the + is 12V the - is Ground. For the solenoid to operate the red wire needs 12V and the black wire needs Ground.


They’ve actually got 3!


Thanks everyone for your help!

i thought id post this for switching D.C for others that may need to throw a single solenoid in and out by switching the polarity any voltage/current that the switch is rated at may be used

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you could also wire this to the coil of a relay d.p.d.t and use a latch pulse or a straight signal to trigger it.

Solenoid doesn’t care about DC polarity.
Cheers Bob