Energine Pi-remote Control Australian Replacement

I am starting a raspberry pi project that requires control over a mains current and as I can’t run this directly through the Pi, the guide says to use an Energine Pi-remote Control module. Unfortunately this is a UK specific brand and only sells this module for UK outlets and I haven’t been able to find a similar product for Australian outlets. I was wondering if anyone had an idea of a substitute for this particular module?

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WARNING: Mains voltage and current can kill.
It is illegal to alter or install or modify mains wiring unless you are a qualified Electrician.
Switching mains using a micro device can cause problems when the micro fails. Careful design is needed.

I use the device below to turn a heater on and off. Press a button heater goes on, press the other button heater goes off. Interfacing this remote to a Pi or any other micro controller would mean pulling the remote apart (I have not done this and don’t intend to), but should not be too hard and you are not playing with dangerous voltage and current.


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Thank you

Hi James,

I’ve heard of makers using this part to interface with buttons like this:

So getting a micro to talk to this IC, and thus the remote, might be the way to go.

I still haven’t done a project with it yet though, so my knowledge is limited for now