Enviro+ MICS6814 sensor failure

Hi there,

I’ve got a couple of Raspberry Pi Zero WH with Enviro+ sensors running nicely, but one of them appears to have had the RED sensor fail on the MICS6814 sensor.

It’s started returning large almost binary looking values (see screenshot).

Core Electronics chat suggested I post here for support - is there any way to send a reset command to the sensor or have I had a hardware failure? Power cycling hasn’t helped unfortunately.

Code its running: GitHub - sighmon/balena-enviro-plus: Enviro-plus environment sensor deployment to Raspberry Pi via Bal
Connected to Apple HomeKit: GitHub - sighmon/homekit-enviroplus: An Apple HomeKit accessory for the Pimoroni Enviro+

Cheers, Simon.

Hi Simon,

Looks like we’ve possibly just got some fairly flat data, usually, failures in these types of sensors tend to produce more obvious issues with the board for the detection for each of the different gasses overall.

This isn’t entirely unusual for these sensors, particularly the gas (for anyone reading it’s for detecting Carbon Monoxide, Nitrous Oxides, and Ammonia mostly as seen on the datasheet Simon linked). When experimenting with the Enviro+ have you ever got dramatically different readings back from that sensor to what you’ve measured here?


Also, you’ll notice at about the 12:10 mark, all of the values, including the red line indicating the reducing ions shifted simultaneously which was likely due to a change in pressure. Which leads me to believe that if there is some issue with the board, it’s not continuity related or a total failure of the sensor for detecting reducing ions.

Just trying to confirm the issue to see whether we can figure out what’s caused it.

@Bryce Sorry, I should have been more clear - both sensors were indoors while the graphs were relatively flat, and then after charging I took the mobile sensor outdoors, which is why the values started jumping.

But the reducing value never used to look spikey and binary like that - it used to give values relatively similar to the other two, but just a bit higher in raw value.

Recently just the reducing sensor seems to have failed. So just focus on the line in blue as I turn off all of the indoor sensor values.

And now compare that to the good working sensor:

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