Error when installing DJI Mimo app from APK to activate DJI Pocket 2

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Hi Tamara, Welcome to the forum!

From some googling, it looks like there are a few things that can lead to this error:

  • A corrupted .apk file - Unless you saw errors while downloading like a paused download due to lack of disk space, I’d doubt the file was corrupted otherwise we’d see more people having trouble with this app. Couldn’t hurt though to delete the apks you have so far and download it again, making sure there were no download errors.
  • Not enough disk space to install. This one is the usual culprit - how much space do you have free on your device? The .apk seems to be a few hundred MB, so I’d say leave about 1GB free for the installer to do its thing, perhaps more.

If it’s neither of the above, we’ll take a deeper look into this one for you.

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Hi James,

Thankyou for getting back to me so promptly. That’s exactly what the situation was just a lack of space deleted some apps and it installed straight away and it’s all working. Thanks heaps for your help today!!

Kind regards,

Tamara Isaacson.