ESP-32 Dev Kit C V2/38 pin

Hey people!

I have looked at YT vids about similar boards as the one I have, but I cant figure out were to solder/connect the cables from my WS2811 led strip 12v? The vids ive seen have another version of the esp32 board (less pins), think I got the newer. To be sure I ask here.

Can you provide links to the products you have or some pics of what you bought.

ESP32 boards are usually powered from a 5VDC supply.
The WS2811 Led Strip would need a separate 12V supply.


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This is the board I have:

Also I got a seperate powersupply:

Its in swedish but the volts, amps you can see.

What project are you following?

The difference between 30 and 38 pin NodeMCU is not going to be significant for your project, provided you can identify equivalent pins. The diagram you have shows everything that is needed to identify the pins that you would use. If you can show what pin connections have been used for the project you have selected it will be possible to identify the equivalent pins on your version of the kit.


Thanks for providing the ESP32 and Power supply. What are the pinouts for the WS2811 ??
Can you link it too. I assume the WS2811 interface would be +12VDC, GND and Data In.
+12VDC GND go to the power supply, Data In and GND to the ESP32.

BUT, depending on the particular WS2811 Led Strip, you may need an interface between it and the ESP32 to protect the ESP32. A small value current limit resistor should be used in series in the Data In line to protect the ESP32.

I assume the Data In of the WS2811 is digital, so the pin you connect it to on the ESP32 would be whatever digital pin you decide to use and then program that pin in software. Turning particular LEDs on and off or changing their colour.



Are you sure it’s 12V tolerant? The datasheet says otherwise:

Can you link to the strip you purchased?

Generally “NeoPixel” or WS2812 software libraries can drive similar chips like 2811, but it’s not gauranteed

Can you post the code you’ve found / are running? ESP32s are very flexible regarding pin routing, so it should just mean changing a few numbers to get the ESP32 outputting the required signal.

If you’re running your strips at 12V, your logic level has to reach 0.7 * 12V = 8.4V. Not the 3.3V your ESP32 pins can reach. Do you have a logic level converter for this?
EDIT: Turns out WS2811s haven an internal regulator, so 5V logic should be fine, though 3.3V may need an LLC (as 2812s do)

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Thanks for your reply!

Here is the led strip:

The project is to put this 5m strip up on my wall, close to the ceiling. I want to control the led with the esp32 on my phone or alexa.


This is an interesting LED strip.
With technical products like this I wish there was a link to a datasheet or schematic or how to connect it, etc. I found a datasheet for the WS2811, showing how to connect it at 5V and 12V. The 12V just adds 3 LEDS in series.

The pic on the Amazon web site shows R1 R4 C2 which correspond to the WS2811 datasheet examples.

From this information I am confident you can connect the DIN of the LED strip to a digital pin on the ESP32. I would test using a series resistor just to be sure. Suggested Wiring.



Thank you very much for this info!

I will try this later this week, and I will post here how it works



Now Ive tried but no light at all. Some connection/wire is wrong. Tried diffrent gpios on the board too. Works when I connect directly to the power supply. Only first 3 leds are lit, very weak. But seems the led strip is fine. Maybe Im doing something wrong in the wled ap…

I will check more tomorrow with the esp32 board and getting better cables.

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Now it works! Changed a few cables and flashed /reinstalled esp32.

Also used G16/GPIO16 pin on the board.

Thanks for the info and help!

Have a nice weekend guys :wink:

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