WLED (ESP32 with LED not working)

Hello All,
After watching the youtube,

I was trying to do the same with my ESP32 and LED strip. I managed to setup the ESP32 to WLED. Then, I proceeded to connect the 5V, GND and Signal wires to the ESP32. The LED didn’t light up. Initial thought was insufficient voltage for the LED?

When I attempted to connect a 5V external power to the 5V and GND cable, it tripped out the USB connection of the ESP32 with the laptop?

Any ideas on how to get them to work together? Thanks in advance.

The esp32 in use was FireBeetle 2 ESP32-E IoT Microcontroller with Header (Supports Wi-Fi & Bluetooth)

and the LED was Digital RGB LED Weatherproof Strip 60 LED - (1m)

Hi, which external power supply are you using?

Initially i used 4 1.5v batteries pack. Multimeter tested of 5.6v. Not successful. Then i tried adapter 5v 1.5A. Not working too. :sweat_smile:

Hi Tien,

I suspect a power supply issue (too many LEDs/ too bright for your power supply). Here’s a quote from the full guide that goes over how to set a current limit:

You can also set up a current limiter in this | LED and Hardware setup | menu so you won’t ever ‘let the smoke out’ of your microcontroller. ESP32 Board likes to have less than 1300mA running through them. If more current is required to power a long LED strip then you will need to power the LEDs with a separate power supply. Make sure both systems share the same ground when running this kind of system. A LED driver board with standoffs to mount an ESP32 board directly to it would be a great way to simplify this.

Let us know if this helps at all, or if you’ve already tried it :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas all,
Finally got the esp32 working. The external 5v 1A power supply wasn’t needed to be connected to the esp32. Somehow it could still work with esp32 3.3v?

Happy to get it to work and my daughter is happy with the tech in her room now.

Issue resolved. Thanks all


Glad to know that it finally worked. In the near future, if you look forward to making an LED PCB, you can check this out: Introduction to LED PCB - The Engineering Projects