ESP32-CAM Development Board (DFR0602)

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“ESP32-CAM Development Board”

ESP32-CAM is a low-cost ESP32-based development board with onboard camera, small in size. It is an ideal solution for IoT application, prototypes constructions and … read more

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This is a nice little board, finally got around to testing it.
But it does have some limitations.

  1. Main one is the SD Card consumes around 8mA in ESP32 deep sleep mode. Not good for battery powered projects.
  2. Second the reset switch is hard to get to when the board is mounted on anything. Managed to solder a switch facing backwards near the other one, which made testing a lot easier.
  3. Third there are no useable GPIO pins. One side has the SD card pins the other programming and PSRAM chip select. I think most of the ESP32 GPIO pins are used to access the Camera, SD Card & PSRAM.

The 5V input only goes to the AMS1117 voltage regulator which will work from 4.5V to 18V. Being a linear regulator it would get hot at higher voltages. The 5V should be labelled VIN.

I am powering the board via 4xNiMH 900mAH cells which range from 4.4V to 5.6V. Taking time lapse pics these should last a few days, streaming video a few hours. There should be a way to remove power from the SD Card when in deep sleep mode ; I was hoping to have this running for weeks not days.

Anyway, nice board but limited in it usefulness if battery powered.

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