ESP32 Custom scene


Can anyone help me create a scene with my esp32? I got it up and running and i can use all the wled app benefits but I need a customized solution.

I have a lamp that has LED lights on both sides. I would like to use an impulse switch to turn it on and off. The led should start from left to right from led 1 up to led 30. 1,2,3,4,5,6… etc. All the leds stay lit up and when the scene is done u can dim up/down by holding(long press) the impulse switch. After you press the impulse switch again(quick short press) the led goes out from right to left 30,29,28,27… etc. and stays dark/off. Both leds should response at the same time.

If anyone could help me with this setup it would be highly appreciated.

Best regards,

Hi Germo,

Could you share some more details about your impulse switch?

Perhaps you could get close with WLED presets, but you’d probably need to do some kind of coding to get it to do exactly what you want.

Is there anything we can help with to get you started on this one?