ESP32 with battery - DS18B20 Sensor


Currently logging temperature at home with rpi 4 with DS18B20. However i want to use arduino with this project.

My aim is to use Arduino, ESP32, DS18B20, INFLUXDB & WIFI

  • I want to log temperature to a influxdb database
  • However i need a battery to support the esp32 when the device is out of power supply. (with support on esp32 usb)
  • So I have freezer inside my van, where i want log the temperature of the freezer
  • When i park the van at work, i plug freezer unit to power.
  • At work i have wifi, when there is wifi i want temperature logs sent to a influx database.
  • when there is no power, i will want eps32 power from the battery. (it can shut down after 4 hrs running on the battery)
  • where there is no wifi connection, i want want eps32 store the logs until theres a wifi connection, and send the logs to influx database with the right timestaps

Wondering what will be the viable right esp32 board and battery? (i already have the DS18B20)

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Please be careful about the temperature sensor’s wiring and placement within the freezer. So that it doesn’t affect the accuracy of the readings or get damaged due to temperature extremes.


Hi @Huseyin262816 - welcome to the forums :smiley:

There are a few ESP32 offerings out there that have integrated battery charging:

does that help?


thanks i have already wired the DS18B20 sensor from the external of the freezer.
i was planning to put the esp32 in a small junction box, near the power socker of the freezer

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thanks mate.
I will go with ProS3.

  • Will this battery be fine Polymer Lithium Ion Battery (LiPo) 3.7V 1100mAh ?
  • Like i would like run on the battery max 4 hours with deep sleep, where it needs check if theres a wifi connection available every hour. if the power supply goes off, the battery will be activated right away ?
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Yes to both counts, the battery is you’ve selected is in the recommended essentials list for that product.

The battery will back up the circuit so if USB power is removed the battery will be used to power the project without interruption.


great lastly what will be the ideal power usb via usb power adapter connected to wall outlet


can’t beat a raspberry pi one
it’s way over-specced for this project but they’re so handy to have as a maker