ESP32 with Ethernet

Hi guys. Hoping you can help, im looking for an ESP32 with Ethernet. I have a Bluetooth project that needs internet connectivity. Unfortunately you can’t have WiFi and Bluetooth turned on at the same time. It needs to be compatible with the Arduino IDE. Thanks in advance

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Hi Mick,

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I’d go with a Featherwing Combo

Be sure to check out the libraries for the Ethernet board!


Awesome Liam, thanks for the reply. If that’s the easiest way to add Ethernet, I’m happy to give it a go! Cheers

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You can also see ESP31 ethernet kit:

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thanks, that looks good too. And has Poe, nice

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Yeah. PoE is very useful for automation. Here is also a PoE-based project that you may like: Industrial Automation Using Power Over Ethernet (PoE) - Share Project - PCBWay

The Project is about Automation of Industrial network. The project mainly focuses on PoE(Power over Ethernet) which is fast growing technology now-a-days. The main idea behind this project was to interface different sensors in the industry and view their data on a webserver and automate them.

The projects involves different sensors interfaced on the board.

That’s great, thanks. In this project, I’ll need to show live data and also upload backups of the data to an online database. So that will help with the web server side of it. Cheers