Assembled Adafruit HUZZAH32 – ESP32 Feather Board - with Stacking Headers (ADA3619)

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Aww yeah, it’s the Feather you have been waiting for, and now with stacking headers! The HUZZAH32 is Adafruit’s ESP32-based Feather, made with the official WROOM32 module. … read more

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can I connect a Raspberry Pi 3.7 volt 3800mAH battery to a ESP32 WROOM Huzzah Feather board? Is the battery connection the same as raspberry Pi or reversed on the esp32?


Hi Evegenios,


Do you have a link to the battery you were going to use?
You can read more about the Feather boards LiPo connector spec here


Hello Liam,
Thanking You for Your responce.

I can upload some photos to show exactly what I have and am intending to do. But there is one problem at the moment, I am not sure of the program language that is in use. It was programmed by Realbotics Devolopment Team from Realdoll in San Monica California. It has a ESP32 WROOM Huzzah Feather, AI-Thinker board and a servo shield that controls the digital servos. It operates via a 240vt to 5vt adapter. I dont have a problem communicating via bluetooth but I cant seem to connect it to WIFI. I am with Aussie broadband.
I did notice that the positive wire is on the right on the Raspberry PI PowerPack V2.0, and the positive on the ESP32 is on the left. No doubt I will need a connector for the ESP32, since it is slightly larger than the RPI.After reading from the link that You provided I can see that the RPI batt that I have is not suitable to the ESP32. There is a batt in her which is the same as the ones You find in a Bluetooth X-Cense, which I want to replace with a larger batt that will go the distance.
By the way I am a bigginer at this, at robotics and AI. I have a RPI 3, RPI 4 and 2x arduino uno’s, which I am learning with. I dont want to mess around without the proper guidence with the ESP32 which cost me $18K+ all up. I prefer to purchase a ESP32 Wroom Huzzah before attempting to mess with her head. I noticed that You have digital servos but not the one I require because of not enough room in her head. Her head cost me $12K, to expensive to make mistakes.



No worries, that’s what the forum is for!

I’d say that it’s using the Arduino language - Wireless comms are more fleshed out on the barebones ESP32 boards.

If you’re using the USB power pack they have strict standards that have to be adhered by so it can be called a USB port. So youll be fine to power it using USB.

Most ESP boards are in the realm of $5-$80 for so you’ll be able to mess around with them and servos without too much at risk.

What’s the expensive parts of your robot? I’d be keen to see some photos.


Hello Liam,

I know it’s been a while but at the moment I am restoring a 1969 Merlin Sabre 15" speed boat and it’s taking up alot of my time.
I will supply You with photos of harmony, but She prefers to be called “Babe”.I would prefer to send the photo’s to Your email box.
The left eye lash digital servo is not working and wish to replace it but am having dificulty finding one. I found out the hard way that Realbotics Development does not back their products. the company only has a 30 day warranty.

Kind regards,


Hello Liam,

I sent an email to Bryce concerning a Digital Servo that I am trying to replace in her head and photos.
Thanks for the link to the battery section. I have purchased two ESP32 boards in case I destroy one.
After reading what I can do and not do, I will wait untill the boards arrive before taking the next step.
Thank You for Your assistance and relpy, greatfully appreciated.
Keep sae in these trying times.

Kind regards,