Ethernet Hub & USB hub w/OTG connector

Hi, I have one of these


that I was hoping to use with my Pi Zero. I’ve plugged the trailing OTG end into the microUSB port on the PiZero, and plugged my network cable into the socket at the end (like in product photo 6). But when I boot the PiZero it’s not finding a network connection.

Does the hub need a separate power supply? There’s a little DC power socket on one side (not shown in the product photos - mine has no label with CE markings like in product photo 3, instead there’s this little socket for a barrel jack) but I don’t see any markings to say what kind of supply it’s expecting.

Any help appreciated anyway! cheers

Hi Mike,

How are you powering the RPiZ, and what devices if any do you have connected to the USB Hub (besides the Ethernet cable)?

Also, what connector is the Hub micro-B connector plugged into on the RPIZ?

hiya - I have a raspberry pi power supply (5.1v @ 2.5A) plugged into the PWR IN socket on the PiZ.

There aren’t any other devices connected to the usb hub yet - just the ethernet cable.

The micro connector from the hub is plugged into the USB socket on the PiZ, just next to the PWR IN one. Hope this helps!

Possibly this has been solved as the date is April.
But it showed up because of the OTG label and I posted about OTG, so I thought I might throw in my 2 cents.

Network troubles can range from simple to difficult to solve. If you can plug the network cable into a network hub it can show a lot just using the led lights. Right polarity, right colour, flashing indicating traffic, etc. The product description states it can draw up to 280mA just plugged in. This can be too much for some OTG devices. A phone will not run a USB hard drive via OTG. (well not the seagate ones I have) The product pics seem to show it can be used without a plug pack and connect to the PiZero. (with regard to the plug pack and no specification on the device, be careful. I have seen these devices range from 3.3v to 12v. The wrong plug pack may damage the device)
The Adafruit video does not demonstrate the device, it mentions a similar device was tested but only shows pics of this one.
I have no experience of the PiZero.
My last thought is that most network adapters and hubs can sort themselves out for cables that may not be wired correctly. This device is designed to add 3 x USB ports and an ethernet port to a PiZero. Then connection of the ethernet port to an ethernet hub or switch for other ethenet connections. Generally connection of computer to computer ethernet does not work.
Anyway, hope it was solved simply and quickly … before my post.

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I’ll qualify “wired incorrectly” for you. Most ethernet devices can detect pass-through and cross-over cables, and configure accordingly. These cables are wired correctly.

Wire the cables any other way, and things will probably not work.

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Just plugging an ethernet port into the pi doesn’t get it running. The port still needs to be configured, assigned an IP address, etc.

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