[HELP] Zero4U with Raspberry Pi Zero W [HELP]


I have just recently purchased the Zero4U for my Raspberry Pi Zero W, however after mounting it onto the board (with ferrite ring), it isn’t recognising any devices I connect to it. The blue power LED is on, but when I plug anything into the USB ports, the white light doesn’t come on.

Please help!

Hi Jeremy,

I’ll see if I can help you. Could you put up a photo of your setup? Does the Micro USB OTG port on the Pi still work? Can you see if the 4 POGO pins are correctly touching the gold pads on the Pi?

Yes that still works, and I believe the 4 pins are touching as well

It looks like you’re powering the Pi from the OTG port, rather than the PWR IN port. Are you using this for Ethernet over USB? If so, the hub won’t work with that option enabled. Try powering using the PWR IN port instead.

If you run lsusb in a terminal, can you see if the 4-port hub is detected at all?

Yeah I just plugged it in from the OTG port to show that it was working. I normally plug it into the power port, and it is not showing any of the ports when I run that command.

Sounds like it could potentially be a faulty hub then. If you reply to your order confirmation email with a link to this forum post, the support team can take it from there.

Hey Jeremy,

I’ve got your Zero4U here, and I’ve attached it to a Pi Zero W like this:

When I was screwing it to a Zero W, I noticed that the spacers are a little too short compared to the ferrite ring, so it’s possible to tighten them too much and bend the hub board a little bit, but that didn’t seem to affect the functionality. It just made me cringe.

I put in a MicroSD card I pulled from another Pi that had standard Raspbian on it.

When I ran lsusb, it detected the keyboard/mouse receiver and a USB flash drive I plugged in. Same story for all the ports on the hub.

Moving forward, was there a step that I’ve missed?

Hi Josh,

Perhaps it was just that I wasn’t tightening the screws enough, I did do them relatively loose so I didn’t bend the board. Everything you did is what I did, how annoying.

How can I pay for postage of the device back? I purchased some other items today perhaps you could put it in with those, ORDER #100101719.



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I basically backed off the screws until it was straight. If when you get it back you still can’t get it to work, you’d have to investigate if it could be a Pi/software issue.

I’ll let the support guys know about your order, and they can tell you what the options are.

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Hey Jeremy,

Not a problem at all, we will ship that out with your order when it is ready. All the best with your projects!

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Thanks for your help guys.

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