USB Dongle on Raspberry Pi Zero W

Just put together the Pi Zero W and is working okay for my brewing software, but
I have plugged in the usb connector to use a wireless mouse and the PI Zero W power light will not switch on.
As soon as I disconnect the usb connector it powers up, This happens regardless of whether the wireless mouse
is connected or not. I have tried a mini usb cord and it does not affect the PI, but or course it has the incorrect connection at the end. Could the usb connector be faulty.

Hi John,

Hmm, that does sound like a faulty OTG adapter. If you reply to your order confirmation email, we can get that sorted out for you.

Much appreciated. I have sent an email with the particulars

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Any sign of the replacement OTG adapter being posted.



Hi John,

Hmm, I thought it might have arrived by now. What is the email that you used and I’ll take a look?