Extending LED signal

hi, “should be simple”. I have a Roboclaw motor controller which has 3 led lights on the case. From where I sit I cant see the motor controller so I cant monitor the led’s . I cant open the case[ well I have been advised not to], so I cant simply extend the led wiring . If I put a light sensing cell against the master led and run the sensed output to a slave led in a position where I can see it, will this light up the slave led?
Thanks for any circuit suggestions . P

do you mean a photo electric cell…Ike a light dependent resistor you could wire a small circuit up with a battery or a pug pack supply. you would have to find a way to attach …it though

browse for “light sensing cell” or “light sensing cell circuit”

Depending on how far you need to take the light - you could try “light pipes”
Like these.

If you show people the actual hardware you are talking about it might help us help you.

It sounds like an IR (like a TV remote) modulator and demodulator that you want to extend by inserting your own circuit that demodulates and modulates once again. But I don’t think designing your own IR modem is all that simple really -quite a bit of messing around.

First find out if it is an IR signal at 38KHz. There are standard 3 pin receivers for this that demodulate. Like this

You would then still need to modulate it back to 38KHz.

Why not receive and send with no modulation at all and keep it simple? Because you would need to design your own receiver… and you would receive all the ambient IR light as well.

I’m beginning to think the light pipe suggested above is your best option.

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Hi Phillip,

Though i pains me to say it, sometimes a non electrical solution may be better. You could run some light tube like fiber optic to direct the light to somewhere you can see.

Only read the last line of Lindsays after i posted this.

Thanks for the tips . I like the light tube and it doesn’t pain me to say it !
I will get one and let you know what happens Thanks to all P