Beam me Up scotty

Help please for someone with no clue! Above is a pic of an art project, she is paper mache, I want her to look like she is being “beamed up” on streams of light, the box above (drawn in so far) will support the weight, it also needs to house the light and power source (preferably remote controlled) for the light beams… I thought of around 20, 75cm long side light fibre optic tubes but that’s only because it was the first idea I had, (and I didn’t really understand the process- I do art, NOT electronics :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) I don’t care HOW the effect is achieved, but prefer ‘solid’ light effect not individual leds on strip, any help/suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks for anyone’s help.

Hi Michelle,

Sounds like an interesting project, here are some links to some appropriate parts and tutorials to get you started. All the best with it!

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Thankyou Bryce, I appreciate all the help I can get on this :grin:

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Glad I could help!

Make sure to send an email through to if you ever have any questions about products, advice or quotations. Have a great day!

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Hey Michelle,

Just a few other suggestions from our stock that may help:

EL Wire - EL (Electroluminescent) wire is a cool flexible wire which will glow when under a high AC voltage.

Neon Strip - Super flexible and bendy, they feature a single-colour non-addressable LED strip with a solid chunk of translucent silicone rubber as a diffuser.