Fan for Multicomp Pro Power HAT Case


I have a new Raspberry Pi 4 and a ‘Multicomp Pro Power HAT Case’, as I needed the Power Button for a media streaming application.

What Fan can I use in this case (as it seems I may need something to keep the Raspberry Pi cool)?

Thanks Andrew

Hey Andrew,

Usually I’d offer to measure it up to see what kind of clearance there is between the Pi and case to see what kind of fans would fit (it’s also a little difficult to tell here without a link to the original diagram for the case whether that button on the top extends down toward the board potentially blocking a spot for a fan)

Personally, my usual go to inside of cases is the Pimoroni Fan Shim as it takes up very little room by comparison to most fans and still provides decent airflow. You’ll want to measure it up to determine whether the fan will fit (the fan is 45x39x11mm as sits nearly inline with the top of the GPIO when seated).

The other option is to go with another case that incorporates a power button such as the Argon One, although I’m not 100% on how the button in that case you’ve linked works as I haven’t gotten to use it myself before.



Thanks for the reply and information. I will measure the case and see what may fit.

Cheers Andrew

Hey Andrew,

Another avenue that’s definitely worth exploring is passive cooling through a heatsink. Core has a few options:

Let us know how you go!

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Thanks Liam. Great option. I’ll look into that!

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