Pimoroni Fan SHIM for Raspberry Pi (CE06509)

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Make your Raspberry Pi seriously cool with Fan SHIM! This 30mm no-solder, controllable CPU fan with RGB LED and tactile switch will give your Raspberry Pi significantly better thermal performance.

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Hey CE forum!
Does anyone know if this fits in with the RPi 4 offical case? I’ve got one lying around and it would be awesome to know if they are compatible.

Hi @nova_is_asleep,

I do not believe they are compatible, due to the fact that the PCB juts out on the left side of the Pi, as shown in the image below.

However, if you would like a fan to go with your case, there is an official fan that has complete compatibility with the case.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi Nova and Ezra,
I don’t have a pin without a heatsink here to actually assemble it on but the shim does fit into a Pi 4 case. The fan has a low enough profile it will also fit.

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Is there a replacement fan for this unit? My fan has seized & I’d like to just buy a fan for it & not the whole unit.

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Hi @DWW - welcome to the forums :slight_smile:
It doesn’t look like we carry a replacement fan part. We do have plenty of fans that you could DIY hack to work with this unit but they won’t be a drop in replacement.

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Thanks. In case anyone has the same issue I was able to pull the fan from its base, clean the fan shaft with good ol’ WD40 & click it back in, working well again.


Hey DWW,

Great to hear you got it all working and it wasn’t much trouble! These fan shims are great if they are only used intermittently, though long term use definitely cuts down their life expectancy.


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Excellent, WD-40 and evaporating contact cleaner should do the trick, just want to make sure any lubricant you go with is safe to use on plastics.

Personally I try to stick with carbon monoxide cleaners for fans like this as it’s fairly inert as a triple-bonded molecule while being cheap without leaving residue.