Faster stepper motor for rotating platform needed

Hello, I am looking for a faster stepper motor for my turntable. This is the one that came with the turntable: china wholesale 50BYJ46 Geared stepper motor manufacturers but its too slow. I don’t know anything about stepper motors and wanted to if anyone can point me in the right direction - thanks!

Hi Sebastian,

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Typically the two main things that will govern a stepper motor’s speed will be the gear reduction of the stepper, and the step rate of the stepper driver that is controlling the motion of the stepper.

Can you link a spec sheet for your existing stepper with some information like the gear ratio? I can see it is marked as geared but haven’t been able to locate the reduction it’s using.

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Hi Trent, thanks for your reply, I appreciate it.
I haven’t found anything, but I’ll see if I can find more documentation on it.
I am not opposed to building a new setup from scratch (I don’t know anything, yet…)
I basically need to power a 60cm turntable that can spin at about 20 secs per revolution (no steps needed) - ideally I need a knob controlling it It needs to handle up to120kgs.
I bought a turntable off the internet, but it’s too slow. Do you think this motor could handle that: Stepper Motor with Cable | Sparkfun ROB-09238 | Core Electronics Australia
I appreciate you time! S