Arduino / stepper controlled turntable question

Hi, I’m looking for suggest stepper motor & controller combination suitable to drive a turntable of about 30cm for 360 deg photography of an object from an Arduino.

I intend to turn the table a controllable amount, (cable) fire the camera (SLR) & turn a bit more (or step) until 360 deg (then move the camera higher for another round)

I have found turntable bearings so the stepper does not have to support the table. I still have not figured out the base of the turntable yet (perhaps make from wood or dismantle an IKEA turntable or ??)

Hi Greg,

There are a lot of options on Thingyverse that you could quickly get started with, if you had a 3D Printer or used a 3D Hubs account such as ours (temp offline while Aidan is away).

thanks for the suggestions Graham.

I have a 3D printer (prusa Mk2S) & looked at many projects on thingyverse & found a few ideas but I was looking at other options to make & drive a turntable. (not limited to just 3D printing)
I’m also into photography technical stuff & wanted to learn & try Photogrammetry so wanted to utilise much better SLR than any smartphone (eg. canon 5D mk4). I’ve seen laser scanning before but think this is better & has other uses.

I’m also familiar with programing (from many years ago) & figure I could get through some Arduino programing & I know how to wire a simple transistor switch for a cable release.
I don’t think any continuous motor is as flexible as a programed step which is why I was looking at a stepper option.
As I also have a drone, I might even try expanding the 3D scan using Photogrammetry later.

Hi Greg,

If you’re comfortable with simple wiring, the best bet would be to use a high torque motor and just use some timing from your Arduino (or whatever controller board you’re using). A stepper motor would do the job, but it can be accomplished using simpler tech.

I was thinking a stepper would be easier & more predictable. Also it’s a
change of steps to change the move amount.
I can find my way around programming but don’t want to spend too much time
experimenting on timing values. That’s why I was looking for stepper motor
options & a suitable controller

Mm, that’s fair enough. Well, the best way to find a suitable product would be in our stepper motor and stepper motor driver categories. They’re our range of maker favourites, so just select a motor which provides the drive you need, and a motor driver which can handle the power requirements and input.