Finished my first IOT project:)

Well its been a long time coming, but Ive finally got around to finishing my first LORAWAN IOT project:)

Its basic, but important to me - two DS18B20 temperature sensors, one for Air Temp and another for Soil Temp, a LiPo battery and a LoPy4 + Expansion Board. Temps & Voltage get uploaded to TTN every 4 hours. NodeRed on a Pi taking care of the data.

Here’s a few images of the finished board and fitting into the Pycom weatherproof box…

And finally, just need to connect the battery and screw down the lid.

In order to make the battery fit, I did need to:

  1. Take a flap disc to the protrusions on the underside of the Pycom case lid, and
  2. Take a flap disc to the female headers on my board and remove 2 - 3mm of header.