FPV Drone Camera App

Hi there,
I have had 2 Red chepo drones for a while we found at the dump, one of them working but it only flies for 5 sec as battery is mostly dead, the other one’s battery is fully dead so doesn’t fly at all. anyway recently I’ve started turning the one with the fully dead battery into a diy fishing drone, I’m going to print a custom new body/frame and use a servo to pull a pin out to drop bait, anyway I’ve been trying to find the app for the phone for connecting to the fpv camera on the one that works. i have attached some photos of the drone. Any help would be appreciated


Hi Seb,

Sounds like a neat project!!

Unfortunately we wont be able to help with a specific app as it isnt a product we stock/

Using the ‘Search Image with Google’ tool can track down some website that you might find a link on!


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Yes, Earlier i used google image search, and found 2 reddit posts, one saying “Deerc Fpv” and one saying “AT-96” and one said it was a “Smyths Toys Superstore IE drone”

I did some research and stuff, tried using like Wi-Fi camera apps anyway I’ve got the ip for the Wi-Fi (not really Wi-Fi cant actually do any online stuff on it, jus the drone Wi-Fi) also got the mac address and manufacturer