DJI Robomaster TT Drones - Flight code

Morning all,
Just wondering if anyone has had success with getting MicroPython to work on the Robomaster TT drones available from the good people at Core Electronics?
I can connect, and upload simple commands that change the text on the matrix display, but haven’t been able to run any flight related commands. Kind of why I bought them! Their website will have you believe you can do far more than that! And I’m sure you can, just hoping someone out there has done it.
I’m using Windows 10 Education edition, the Mind+ software and have been following the guide available on the DF Robot wiki page here RoboMaster TT - MindPlus wiki
Hope someone can help!

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Hi Edward,

Jesse has got one out of its box and has been squirreling away at getting it going. He seems to be pretty close so I’m sure he’ll chime in with an update soon!


Hey Edward,

Boy, trying to get this drone to work on anything other than IOS is a bit of a mission.

I also spent a great deal of time trying to get this to connect to the PC but turns out it wasn’t as intuitive as I was expecting.

I was able to fly manually with the IOS application and could even program with the IOS EDU app more or less straight out of the box but, when trying to connect to the PC with either Mind+ or Scrappy v3.0 there was no communication at all.

Then, by some kind of miracle, I managed to find a buried forum post about this and as it would turn out there is a VERY specific way that things need to be done for the drone to work, on PC at least.

  1. In either Mind+ or Scrappy V3.0 you can write your programming ahead of time, you will just need to save the .sb3 file when you are finished with your commands.
  2. Close either Mind+ or Scrappy V3.0
  3. Power the drone on and wait for the front LED to start flashing amber rapidly (this indicates no remote signal to the drone).
  4. Once it is flashing, connect to the drone using your PC’s wifi ( should be something like TELLO-EFE0AE and as standard, should not have a password)
  5. Once the drone is connected to the WiFi, (amber light still flashing), only then open up Mind+ or Scrappy V3.0.
  6. Re-load your .sb3 file and at that time you should see the LED on the drone flashing green.
  7. If the LED is green, hit play and the drone “should” run your script as intended.

A few things of note,

You will need some kind of start command like “when flag is clicked”, “on spacebar press”, or “on/after previous” for the Tello to be able to run the string. this is not the case for the RMTT confusingly so if you are running the matrix before the flight you will need to have something in between there for it to work or it will freeze the LED display on the RMTT unit.

Another is that you do not want to run the “Motor On” command before taking off. Just use the “TakeOff” command as all the “Motor On” command is for is bench cooling the Tello and it specifically won’t enter the “TakeOff” function directly after running the “Motor On” command.
Also, second to that, it WILL overheat and enter thermal shutdown rather quickly so if you are standing there programming away and the LED starts to blink rapidly red, there is a really good chance it has gotten too hot and shut itself down temporarily. This is an intended feature and is nothing to worry about, drones of all types take their cooling from the propellers pushing air across the components so shutting down thermally on the bench when not flying is expected.

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