Fried a Piicodev ambient light sensor, will my Raspberry Pi Pico be ok?

Basically I fried a Piicodev ambient light sensor by wiring it up to the wrong pins on my Pico (yes, I should’ve just used the adapter).

Pico was connected via USB to my computer at the time, which promptly disconnected all my external USB devices as a safety measure. I smelled an odd burning smell from the light sensor.

The sensor is dead (tried it on a Pi 4B) but my Pico still connects to my computer and I can run scripts from Thonny.

Is it likely that my Pico I2C circuits are damaged? Should I get a new Pico just to be on the safe side?


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Hey Steven,

What pins did you hook up? If you shorted VCC and GND or swapped them you might have damaged the power supply it a bit but you wont likely find a fault until later - If you wanna keep things as reliable as possible a replacement would be good

I think I did swap VCC and GND as I had the Pico flipped around. Better luck next time!

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