PiicoDev Go programming support

I have started a Github repository with a Go implementation of the PiicoDev drivers:
GitHub - drtimf/go-piicodev: A Go implementation of the Core Electronics PiicoDev drivers
If like me you enjoy writing software in Go, then this code might be a good start if playing with the awesome PiicoDev sensors on a Raspberry Pi.



Hi @Tim99205, firstly - welcome to the forums!
Secondly - How good! What a wonderful example of the open source community doing what the OS community does best. I’m glad you found our libraries useful and decided to share your work :smiley:


G’day Michael,
Thank you for your support. It means a lot! And thank you for locally producing cool technology for us to play with. I watch your videos and I very much look forward to your future I2C devices with which I can play with, especially things like the LED module and the OLED display. A very quick note, I found a very small issue in the Python implementation of the ambient light sensing code that has a quick fix :). I have created an issue for it. Looking forward to some more cool stuff!

Thanks again,


Hey good catch! Corrected in commit 4052aff.

Thanks! We’re working on getting the new modules out as soon as we can :smiley: