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Fritzing and CNC

My Question: If I use Fritzing and design a PCB, can I use my cheap 3020 CNC machine, which uses Mach 3 software to route a PCB. I could not see any instructions on Fritzing, (just downloaded it and not familiar with it)
Any help from you gurus would be very welcome.

I’m not sure if Fritzing is compatible with that software, but what I do know is that you are probably better off using EAGLE to design a PCB. Fritzing is pretty limited when it comes to actual PCB design.

Thanks Stephen,
I’ll just use Fritzing for the time being, my PCB’s won’t be that complicated :slight_smile:

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Hi Frank,

There seems to be a way forward with the 3020 CNC Machine to mill PCBs, might be best to do a quick Google which may land you among others that have undertaken a project such as this one.