Further applications for mBot?

We bought our 9 year old son a Makeblock mBot for his 9th Birthday. Overall I am very impressed with it. Our son has been working his way through the coding modules (via the iOS app) with success. He has completed almost 9 of the 10 modules so I am wondering where we go with it after that. We still have the LED Matrix display to install and play around with. I want to keep the momentum going with him learning to code.

Are there further options to unlock the capability of the mBot so I can keep him interested?

Hi Jason,

Glad to hear you like it! There is user created programming challenges and Ideas out there for the mBot.

There are also a couple of expansion packs that increase functionality, such as the servo kit and the six legged kit.

Iā€™d also browse Youtube a bit and see if you can find something someone has made and work together to work out how to recreate it!

Let us know how it goes or if you find any compelling projects!

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Hi Stephen

Thanks that link is quite useful. I have been wondering how he could use his chromebook and its all explained in here.

The extension kits look good also.