Makeblock MBot V1.1- Blue (Bluetooth Version) (CE04639)

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The Makeblock mBot is the perfect way to introduce robotics and programming to young makers. Not only can the mBot be assembled using the step-by-step instructions and pre-written code, but it encourages modification and expansion with the rest of the Makeblock kits and add-ons.

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Hi, just want to confirm can this one do real time programming wirelessly?

Also, i plan to run a holiday program and finalize order by 14th sep. Will this price be the same by 14th sep?


What do you mean by “real time” programming?

Regarding pricing and availability, this product is priced to clear as it is about to be retired from our range. This means pricing will stay the same while the last of our stock depletes.


Hi James, apology please ignore this query. Was meant to submit via chat but realized that’s a support question link. I have purchased the mbots anyway.

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