Glowbit 8x8 and ws2812 LED 5M strip


I am new to raspberry pi, LED and Python programming so apologies in advance.
I have tried working with glowbit 8x8 and ws2812 5M strip but i am unable to get either of them to light up in any meaningful way.
I have gone back t basics and I am able to light up a single LED using python code via the tutorial.

My initial questions

  • Do I need a specific versions for Raspberry PI OS and other modules ( glowbit,rpi-ws281x), Thonny, Python?
  • Glowbit connectivity. I have tried an external power supply to the VCC and GND do I keep the VCC and GND connected to the PI if external power is used?

thanks in advance.


Hi Ramey

Only the Ground and Data connection. These connections are essential.
Cheers Bob


Thanks Bob

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