GlowBit Stick 1x8 - Python and MicroPython Guide

New tutorial: “GlowBit Stick 1x8 - Python and MicroPython Guide”

This guide will cover the basic functionality of the GlowBit Python library when driving a GlowBit Stick 1x8 module. Read more


A question about the default brightness setting … Given what I have seen about both the Stick and the 8x8 Matrix, how many Sticks can I run from a Pico at the default setting? I am guessing / hoping that I can run 4, as I am in the middle of a build and need to test an idea, but do not yet have a full blown power systems established. I am basing this on the Guide about the 8x8 which seemed to work ok on a Pico with no other power in sight…

Am I correct?

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Hi Murray,

TLDR; Yeah 4 should be fine (to be safe and so there isn’t any colour distortion it might be worth turning the brightness down to 5 or 10%)

The Pico’s Vbus pin taps directly off of the 5V USB input, assuming you are using USB2.0 (500mA) and the Pico uses ~100mA max you’ll have 350mA left (50mA buffer, 10%). nominally the WS2812Bv5’s use about ~12mA each. this equates to approx 30 LED’s though a couple extra at lower brightness should be fine if you are only testing!
Keen to see what you make :smiley:

Thanks Liam.
I am also writing up the project so you will find out in due course what it is all about :crossed_fingers:

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