GlowBit™ rainbow (CE07501)

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The GlowBit™ rainbow is a beautiful LED display featuring 13 individually addressable LEDs and easy alligator / banana-plug connections.

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Is there any reason why the connectors on the glowbit don’t align with the connectors on the Micro:Bit ? Gnd and 3v line up, but not Data :frowning:

Hey David,

GlowBit Rainbow was designed for a range of devices (not just micro:bit), we just happened to focus more heavily with micro:bit during the launch.

It’s a wire connection method, which gave us a lot more freedom with design (as opposed to the wide micro:bit pin layout)


Data aligns with 3 of the mirco:Bit, which could be confusing as the pic shows 1.
You just change the code to use 3 rather than 1.

Assuming you want to mount the micro:Bit below the rainbow, I tried that but it hides the LEDs of the micro:Bit and the buttons.
Didn’t really find a successful way to mount these two together that suited what I wanted and then I moved on to something else.

Grandson like the colours on the rainbow.


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