Glowbit Matrix 4x4

My son is wanting to try a Glowbit 4x4 matrix -as in your tutorial
If I purchase
-A GlowBit Matrix 4x4
-A Raspberry Pi Pico with soldered headers?
-pin headers (we have a soldering iron)
-3 female-female jumper wires
Is that all that he will need?
Thank you very much. (Sorry for the basic question I am very new to all this through his interests!)


Hi Emilie,

Welcome to the forum!!

Yeah, along with a micro USB cable that supports data transfer (some charging cables don’t have data lines inside) and a computer to program them on, he’ll be good to go!

If he wants to chain a few along you can either solder the matrices together (making sure to keep them the same way up) or with some more jumper wires.

Let us know how you go!


Thank you I will see how we go!


Just remember that the 4x4 GlowBit can use up to 500mA at full brightness (the limit of a USB power supply), so if you do solder more than one together you may need an external power supply if you plan to use them to their full brightness :smiley:

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