Glue to hold cable to PCB board?


I am an electronic newbie inspired by all those Youtube repair videos. Can someone please recommend me a glue that Core Electronics sells to hold down cables I use in my repairs? It’s just a hobby so I don’t need much or the best out there.

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Hi Joseph
“Glue”?? Tends to get a bit messy. I don’t think there is any hard and fast rule. Some use silicone on a connection point where a multi core cable is terminated to provide some form of mechanical stability or, for just holding down a couple of thin wires on a PC board to stop them floating around a drop of super glue is as good as any. In any situation the use of this “glues” can cause subsequent problems if any rework is required. It is really a final operation before finally packaging up a device never to be sighted again.

There are other compounds used to prevent microphonics in some RF devices but you are unlikely to come across this.

In a nutshell the requirement to provide mechanical support is really on a case by case basis and dependent on individual circumstances like expected vibration or manhandling etc.
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Craft Hot Glue works for me, it is easy to apply and remove; if not under too much stress it will hold ok.


Hi All
Most glues would probably be OK but be careful of conductivity or you might be in trouble if the volts are up a bit.
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Hi Joseph,

Since you are looking to just hold down a few wires, I would recommend electrical tape as a suitable adhesive. As the name suggests, it is specifically designed for use in electronics.

If you have a hot glue gun handy, hot glue is a great way to stick things down, though it can get a bit messy.
If you do use hot glue, be careful not to damage any heat sensitive components or wiring surrounding the application area.

Hot glue guns and hot glue sticks are available on the website here Hot Glue Australia.

FYI, if you are new to electronics, depending on what you are doing, it would be worth while looking into heatshrink. The glue lined stuff can be really great for grouping together cables.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Replying to my own thread to thank everyone that helped answer my question. Thank you!


Here is also a glue stick sold by core electronics:

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