Attaching Glowbit Sticks and assorted neopixel strings to surfaces

Hi all,
I need to fasten some Glowbit sticks to the outside of a project, and also fasten a Neopixel string to the inside, such that the pixels can be seen through holes …

Thoughts so far:

  • neutral cure silicon for the Glowbits (maybe)
  • ditto for holding the wiring of the neopixels to position the led over the hole

Issue with this - time to set so things dont move

  • Hot glue for the Glowbits (probably not)
  • hot glue to grab the wiring of the neopixels

Issue with this - quicker to grab, but heat damage to Glowbit / wiring

  • gaffer tape for the neopixels ?

This would work, just not elegant ;-(

Comment ???


Hi Murray,

Personally I like double-sided tape or hot glue. The GlowBit pixels themselves go through the reflow oven at Core so will happily take the temperature of hot glue.

Thanks Liam re Glowbits

Do you think that the wires in this will take the heat of hot glue ? A dob each side of the pixel lined up on its’ hole?

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Hi Murray,

Building on Liam’s double-sided tape comment:

See if you can get some of this stuff, sorry I don’t have a distributor link, I got mine from a friend. It does not let go once given a bit of time to set, to the point where you’ll tear the foam of the tape before the adhesive lets up.

I use it to hold up LED strips in my 3D printer, and it seems to be OK with the heat and the back surface of the flex PCB that makes up the strip


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Thanks James, I will look into it (or find similar)

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Hi @James84823
found this stuff which seems similar

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