Google Drive connectivity on a Pi?

An upcoming project that Im starting to think about…

Essentially RPi takes a photo on an event trigger (PIR sensor etc), save file to a cloud drive and then alert me via message.

I have a Google Drive account so would like to use this as the online data store. I also have PushBullet configured so that could send me the alert.

I have read several sites that talk to getting Google Drive working in some form or another but all seem to date back to 2014 / 2015 and seem incredibly clunky.

Has anyone seen this done more recently, presumably with a more seamless integration?

My other thought was to mount a drive on the RPi back to a PC with Google Drive installed on it and let that PC do the synchronising but this seems inefficient.

Thoughts? Maybe even a RPi / Google Drive turorial :slight_smile:


Hi Jon,

There are lots of tutorials out there for this.

And this.

Or you could use

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Quick update.

I stumbled across this tutorial:

It works almost exactly as I want it to, arguably better in some ways. I am using Microsoft OneDrive, not Google but I suspect Google would work also.

The tutorial is configured to pull a folder from an online cloud drive to the Pi, but by swapping the source and destinations around you can simply copy or sync a folder on the Pi to the online cloud folder.

The tutorial installs a fancy GUI for scheduling but its essentially a wrapper for Cron.

With this solution in place my LoPy4 sends data to TTN and NodeRed reads & charts it. I have also setup another node to append the data to a CSV file. Now, this CSV file gets uploaded to my OneDrive folder and is a) backed-up and b) accessible without having to tunnel back to the Pi:)