Get data from raspberrypi to home server

I am working on a Car GPS tracker (to track our cars if they are stolen) and im trying to find a way to get the data from the pi to the self hosted (at home or VPS) server on a budget, im happy to use a sim to give the pi a network connection so that it can send traffic over the web. The plan is to have the device in the car have a GPS dongle as part of it and maybe some other sensors (Shock sensor, etc) and the owner can see location on demand and get alerts if a sensor has been set off. I am still working on this project and am close to a first full prototype so I am happy to change modules or other parts if need be. Though id like to stick with python (raspberrypi) as 99% of the server code that’s already written is in python

Hey Ath0rus,

Something like the Sim hats that are available for the Pi would be a perfect use case for this one as they already include GPS capability.

Check out this SIM7600G-H M.2 4G HAT that may be what you are after.


do you know anything that would be a module that would fit on the pico or zero?

edit: I saw the price, is it possible to go a little cheaper, the plan is to have the whole device as cheap as possible