Gpi case retro flag

Hi I bought a retro flag gpi case from you guys I have a Pi zero version 2 that doesn’t have wifi I was just wondering how I could add more roms and emulators to the gpi case please.


IIRC, you have to do it either by USB, or by adding them directly to the folders on the SD card. Here’s the retropie guide:


Yeah I tried that and it didn’t work thanks

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What went wrong? Did you have you USB drive formatted as FAT32?

That process definitely works (I’ve done it before myself).


Yeah I’ve done all that the unit just doesn’t recognise the usb I even tried with a new usb I have and no luck.


Hi Beau,

Just to confirm, you’re using an OTG adapter to plug a USB flash drive (not hard drive or SSD), plugged into the USB port on the back of the GPi?

If you’re using a hub, you should be able to hit F4 on a keyboard to escape to the shell, where you can type lsusb in order to see if your drive showed up. I’m not familiar with RetroPie’s mounting system, but this should be independant of mounting.

Let us know when you’ve done this and we’ll look into this further