Retro flag gpi case

Hi I bought a retro flag gpi case from you guys I have a Pi zero version 2 that doesn’t have wifi I was just wondering how I could add more roms and emulators to the gpi case please.

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Hi Beau,

I found this guide on adding stuff to the GPi, it seems the USB port under the cover of the case can be used to transfer data from a USB drive using an OTG cable.



You can also add ROMs manually. Just boot your PC with a linux distro (so you can read and write ext4 partitions) and copy the files into the appropriate directory.

You can also make a FAT32 partition on your SD card for transferring roms - then you can just drop back to the command line to move roms from your new partition to the appropriate rom folders.


Hi Beau,

There are a few methods available to be able to get ROMs onto your GPi without wifi. Oliver and James have covered the main ones for you which I would recommend starting with. Let us know how you go with it!

P.S. here’s a link to the RetroPie docs on this if anyone reading this is setting up their Retroflag case and running into this or similar issue: