GPIO Layout Pico/Pico W

Hey. I was wondering if there were any differences in GPIO pin layout between the Pico and the Pico W, as I was intrigued by a project you guys did with the Makerverse Micro SD Adapter.


Hey Ezra,

That’s a great question! There are slight changes between the Pico and Pico W, however these changes shouldn’t affect the vast majority of projects done with these handy little microcontrollers. We actually have a great guide looking at the difference between them here. It goes into the technical differences and is a great resource for projects including a Pico.


The pinouts are almost same.


Pico W:

You can see that the Debug Pin orientation is different in these two.

Much appreciated, thanks. I am not planning on using the debug pins, but now I am assured that I can easily transfer over projects between the two!