Piicodev Compatibility

Hey there,

I was wondering whether the Piicodev libraries for the Raspberry Pi Pico were also fully compatible with a Raspberry Pi Pico W. I am hoping to recreate your sketcher project, with a few twists, and wanted to know if I need to purchase a regular Pico as opposed to the Pico W I already have.

Hey @Ezra224017 - Yes! The libraries are compatible with both. If you’ve already worked with PiicoDev on a Pico before, just make sure you’re working with the latest PiicoDev_Unified.py file which can be downloaded from any PiicoDev guide.

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Hey Michael, thanks for the quick reply. I was also wondering if there were any differences in GPIO pin layout between the Pico and the Pico W, as I was intrigued by a project you guys did with the Makerverse Micro SD Adapter.

hey I am wondering about compatibility with other RP2040 devices such as Qtpy or waveshare zero. Would adapting the code be a complex task for a beginner?
Also, would be great to find a video that demonstrated how to unpack libraries to identify the commands that are available and understand how they work a bit better. hope that makes sense

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Hi Ezra,

There are a couple of differences between the Pico and Pico W but they are pretty minor. We’ve got a full rundown on them in this guide.

Regarding the physical layout, only the serial debug pins have moved.

There are a couple of internal wiring differences related to the internal LED which is now WL_GPIO0 instead of GPIO25 and a few other minor things, most projects will work the same however.

Hi Joshua,

The PiicoDev unified libraries are structured in such a way that the code for the sensors and modules is all device agnostic and the PiicoDev_Unified.py file handles the translation for each specific device. Modifying that file to support a new device is not straightforward so it’s probably out of reach for a beginner, however since you’re looking at devices that are based on the RP2040 chip you might be in luck.

The only difference between the RP2040 Zero or the QTPY RP2040 boards is that they’re on a different dev board, the actually chip is identical to the Pi Pico. If Waveshare and Adafruit have kept the same pinout (and it appears they have) then you should be able to use them as if the device was a Pico and everything will still work just the same.