Raspberry Pi Pico W (Wireless WiFi) (CE08703)

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The Raspberry Pi Pico W is perfect for IoT and wireless projects, better still, it’s such an affordable 32-bit microcontroller that is packed with peripheries.

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When the Raspberry Pi Pico W is available will you be offering it with pre-soldered headers?
Cheers, skua74

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There’s the Pico WH that’s also been announced by the Raspberry Pi foundation, similar to the Raspberry Pi Pico H (With Headers) | Core Electronics Australia but it’s not expected till September

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Very exciting and looking forward to obtaining one! What is the difference between the CE08703 SKU and the DEV-20173 SKU. I see the former is from Raspberry Pi, while the latter is from Sparkfun. Is the hardware the same, just a different manufacturer?

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DEV-20173 was just another supplier listing that slipped through the cracks - it has been retired. Thanks for the heads up!