Guide by Brenton; Makerverse Micro SD Adapter - MicroPython Guide and Data Logging

I have just shared content in Guides > Raspberry Pi Pico: “Makerverse Micro SD Adapter - MicroPython Guide and Data Logging”

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I have been trying to follow this guide using all the same components on the guide and keep receiving an OSError that there was a timeout waiting for a response. This only seems to occur when I add in a “while True:” loop. Remove the loop and the error disappears. It doesn’t even matter if the SD card is written to or not. Just mounting it will cause the error.

Do you have any ideas for troubleshooting?


This issue is certainly perplexing…

What happens when:

  • Lines are run one by one in the REPL?
  • A “long” (say, 1 second) time.sleep() is added on line 15?

Could you also post the whole script inside a formatted code block (started and ended with triple ` symbols)?