Hakko RED Soldering Iron 20W (CE05648)

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Ideal for use in a variety of soldering works like hobbies, repairing electric household appliances.20W: Circuit boards, small electrical parts, etc
60W: Connectors, heavier wiring connections, etc

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What might be better for small, through hole pcb work, the 20 or the 60 watt version of this iron ?

Hey Brenden,

I know Graham answered this one earlier, but we just thought we’d leave his answer here for other makers to see!

The 20W would work just fine, at worst it means you need to hold it on for a little longer for bigger parts such as the ground pin on some bigger TO-220 packages that have thermal relief.

60W would be better suited for regular repairs and soldering. The 60W would make it easier to break things (easier to push too-much heat into joints). But an everyday-type technician would prefer that for the speed