Hakko RED Soldering Iron 60W (CE04585)

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If you’re after a high-quality, no frills iron, then the Hakko RED is for you. 60W ensures plenty of heat for the most demanding project, and a high-quality iron will maintain it’s heat and last forever.

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Hi, where is that Hakko red iron made in?

Hi Sam,

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Hakko are headquartered in Osaka Japan, but as you might have guessed those soldering irons say Made in China on the packaging. Having said that, a lot of things are now made in parts across several countries. The base station for the Hakko FX-888D for example is made in Malaysia though the rest of the parts in the box may not be.

Hi, Thanks for the info,what’s the warranty like?

Hi Sam,

The warranty for that would be your 12 month Standard Warranty, the full details for warranties on our site are on our FAQ page.