Hakko T18 series tips

One for the Core support guys
Could you please provide some dimensions for the Hakko T18 series iron tips.
The “business end” dimensions are there but the ones I am interested in are:
The main barrel outside diameter and length.
The hole (where the element fits) diameter and depth.

The reason for my request is I have a perfectly good controlled temp solder station but the available range of tips is not great and seems to be a bit scarce and these look as if they have a chance of fitting OK.

These dimensions do not seem to be published anywhere so will probably require measuring.
Thanks in anticipation
Cheers Bob


Hi Bob,

Dimensions are as follows:
Barrel OD: 6.8mm
Barrel ID: 4mm
Barrel Depth: 23.5mm

Hope this clears things up!


Hi James
Thanks for that. Will investigate further
Cheers Bob
Looks they might do the job. Thanks


Hi All interested parties
Follow up to my original post requesting dimensions.
James very kindly measured the Hakko T18 series tips for me, thank you.

My soldering station is a Goot RX-711AS 65W power and control unit with a RX-70G 60W hand piece.Claimed ESD safe. This has been a good unit and is still working well but the tips are hard to find and a limited range (2). I had previously found a 3rd type for a 240V iron but had to have it cut down to fit my unit. This worked OK but recently I had occasion to investigate further

I was looking at Hakko but it seemed a waste to discard a perfectly good unit just for the want of an assortment of tips. I purchased 3 tips to try (from Core) and found the only real difference to be the body length, 1mm shorter than Goot tips. The tip retaining collar handled this difference OK so I now have a Goot iron fitted with Hakko tips seemingly working well. If this had not worked I would have had to invest a couple of hundred dollars in a Hakko anyway so the tips would have been used whatever the outcome.

A simple success story (for a change)
Cheers Bob